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Excellent. Fenneko easily gives both the facts (we're all a bunch of nasty-ass furries) and her opinions based on those facts (we're trash).

Perfect vlog.

I think this was a great idea. I actually had a similar idea at one point, but I never got around to it, due to my drawing skills being absolutely terrible and being too much of a perfectionist. But I always wanted to see a flash adaptation of The Shining, and here is one.

*Humour was usually quite good
*Good adaptation of both the book and the movie
*Character personalities were somewhat kept
*Voice acting itself was decent

*One hour long? Seriously? A lot of people will get worn out by that time.
*Animation wasn't too great, but this might have been the point. If it was, ignore this bullet.
*The poopin' beaks running gag wasn't funny, or even shocking after a while. I know it's your user name, but it's not much of an excuse.

Overall, good effort.

poopinbeaks responds:

thanks for the feedback. poopin beaks is actually not a running gag, nor is it funny. it is a way of life. it is not intended to be shocking in the least. it was a street art project that we had been carrying on for some time, and it has actually manifested itself into something bigger than either of us could ever foresee. please don't take this the wrong way, but if you don't get it you never will, NO OFFENSE. there are people who poop beaks and there are people who do not. it is a freedom of expression and an embodiment of human liberty. this runs alot deeper than defecating bird bills. thanks again for the review i really appreciate it.

It's rare to find something this good before it's passed judgement properly. I really liked the animation in particular - it was incredibly creative, reminding me of early 90's Nickelodeon.


I've actually heard this joke before, but that didn't make it any less funny. Plus, it was animated EXTREMELY well. I am HIGHLY impressed. Good job!


It was okay, but the sound really hurt my ears.

Let's see

The best way to describe this movie is "Cheesetastic". And that's a good thing. Everything we love about cheesy, campy 60's and 70's superhero cartoons is present here. We've got cheesy theme music, we've got stock footage, we've got interesting character designs, we've got mildly silly plots. It's all here. And I love every minute of it.

Oh, and the animation and voice acting are good, too.


This was one of the most offensive, attacking, hurtful, and disgusting things I've ever seen in my life. And I loved every minute of it.

Only complaint would be the animation; it tended to lack in some parts compared to other sections.

Poorly done, but...

It wasn't very well done, and didn't look like it had a lot of effort put into it. However, you do get points for subverting what people were expecting, so bravo on that.

Pixonimateo responds:

Cool Homie!!!

Cracked me up.

The Japanese character models were cute, and then came the "On second thought, let's not go to Japan." That cracked me up.

It was a little short, but I guess I should expect that. After all, we can't expect super long episodes from you all the time, now can we?


This is one of the strangest animations I've ever seen. This is in no way a bad thing; it's very well done, and the idea behind it is very creative.

There are some mild issues with the audio syncing with the movie (it might be different depending on the computer), but it is overall a great movie.

I'm hungry. No surprise there. Except that I'm so hungry, I could eat you. But I won't, because I don't know where you live, and you'd probably taste bitter anyway.

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