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Excellent. Fenneko easily gives both the facts (we're all a bunch of nasty-ass furries) and her opinions based on those facts (we're trash).

Perfect vlog.

I think this was a great idea. I actually had a similar idea at one point, but I never got around to it, due to my drawing skills being absolutely terrible and being too much of a perfectionist. But I always wanted to see a flash adaptation of The Shining, and here is one.

*Humour was usually quite good
*Good adaptation of both the book and the movie
*Character personalities were somewhat kept
*Voice acting itself was decent

*One hour long? Seriously? A lot of people will get worn out by that time.
*Animation wasn't too great, but this might have been the point. If it was, ignore this bullet.
*The poopin' beaks running gag wasn't funny, or even shocking after a while. I know it's your user name, but it's not much of an excuse.

Overall, good effort.

poopinbeaks responds:

thanks for the feedback. poopin beaks is actually not a running gag, nor is it funny. it is a way of life. it is not intended to be shocking in the least. it was a street art project that we had been carrying on for some time, and it has actually manifested itself into something bigger than either of us could ever foresee. please don't take this the wrong way, but if you don't get it you never will, NO OFFENSE. there are people who poop beaks and there are people who do not. it is a freedom of expression and an embodiment of human liberty. this runs alot deeper than defecating bird bills. thanks again for the review i really appreciate it.

It's rare to find something this good before it's passed judgement properly. I really liked the animation in particular - it was incredibly creative, reminding me of early 90's Nickelodeon.

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My only problem with this April Fool's Day version of Pico's School is that upon replays, everything is already done for you.

I was a huge fan of the first LoA. And honestly, this demo seemed a LOT better than that game! I'm not kidding - the fighting system, while not quite as intuitive, is a lot more complex, interesting, smooth, and closer to an actual fighting game than the first game.

Seriously - do NOT listen to the people who say the old system was better. As much as I liked the first game, it was NOT a perfect system. It was simple to learn, but it was very glitchy and awkward. Pure QTEs are not my preference.

That being said, the current system DOES have some bugs that need to be worked out. Guarding is definitely a problem here, as it is way too sensitive about where the mouse needs to be to be considered a "high" guard - too high, and it goes back to a "middle" guard. Here, a slight fusion with the old system might work - give the option for the player to use the keyboard arrows to select the guard position.

If people REALLY hate having to use the mouse, then you could let the system be controlled by spacebar presses or something similar instead as an option. But you've made a huge improvement to the engine in this demo, and the last thing I'd want to see is for you to throw it away for something old-fashioned and dated.

Muja responds:

Don't worry, It was never my intention to go back to the same old battle system.
What I got from the other reviews is that the new one needs to be a little faster, and that the bar system I used for the attacks ain't appealing as I thought.

All I want is to make the perfect system, and that's why I posted this very short demo, to test out some ideas, make some experiment.

The final result will be something definitely better (that's what I hope, at least).


It no longer has that feel the original had. In other words, it's starting to get old.

TheMillz responds:

Don't worry, it's the last ;)

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You know...

This is so good, I'm not even sure what to write here.

HappyHomicide responds:

Hahaha thanks alot dude!

Best. Song. Here.

Seriously. It's funny, it's a nice style, even better; it's about NG! Perfect score 4 u!

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